Water Systems


Using modern technology in water purification, you too can have pure drinking water from your tap and save money. With a simple home reverse osmosis unit under your sink you can produce over 100 lts/day of pure drinking water economically.

The BKG Reverse Osmosis water system attaches directly to the mains water supply, combining innovative design with the most advanced technologies, guaranteeing ultimate hygiene and purity in every drop. 

The RO system is suitable for homes, but also offices, schools, clinics…and anywhere that needs pure drinking water on demand. We also supply Connect RO water dispensers. You can opt for either Cold or Room Temp water, Hot & Cold and even Sparkling.

At current water rates, the RO price for 20 litres of water works out at €0.65c or less, and that INCLUDES the cost of water and filter consumption over 1 year. Compare that to bottled water and work out the saving.

Install a reverse osmosis unit and forget:

• carrying heavy 6 packs of bottled water from the supermarket
• deliveries of bulky water jugs
• finding storage space for your drinking water
• disposing of dozens empty plastic bottles into the environment. With an RO water system you will never run out of pure drinking water again.




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