What is by "Photovoltaic"? 

Photovoltaic (photo = light, volt = unit of electrical voltage). Photovoltaic solar systems use sunlight to generate electricity converting sunlight into electric current using solar cells. The potential is huge - with current photovoltaic technology we could supply a big part of Malta needs.There are no moving parts, so once installed they deliver energy as long as the sun shines. The solution is there, and you can be part of it. Almost any buildings roof is suitable for a solar installation. Photovoltaic can be used for private homes, offices, factories, schools giving an indoor climate using the power of the sun.

With ongoing government incentives on Solar heating the government will be issuing new incentives applicable when buying energy saving systems as (photovoltaic). An energy buy-back program (called net metering) will allow owners of Photovoltaic systems to sell electricity to Enemalta. Enemalta buys electricity from you when they need it the most, during the day, when companies and air conditioning units are running at their peak. With bills due to fuel prices going up. It is a win-win situation.





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